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Change your life

Taking inspiring actions vs forcing it

If you’re familiar with the teachings of Abraham Hicks, you know what I mean by taking inspiring actions vs forcing or trying too hard. However, understanding it on an intellectual level and feeling it on a cellular level is totally different! We are hard-wired to believe we have to work hard I’ve been listening and […]


Learn to trust the process

Now that was something totally new to me when I first heard of it from Abraham Hicks. Coming from a family where it’s very traditional, get an education, get a job and so on, the unknown didn’t have its place in life. However, it has now become my go-to, especially when I start to feel […]

Change your life

Don’t wait until you feel ready, just start

If you’re like I used to be, you’re the type of person who really like to know everything. To have things planned, knowing exactly what the next steps are, and so on. The world we live in, especially when working in corporate tends to make us become that way. The problem, when you switch to […]

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