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How to have your fears work for you instead of against you

One of the most difficult I had to deal with in order to become an entrepreneur was to be able to overcome my fears. This truly is the hardest part. Because depending on how you manage them, they will either work for you or against you. So let’s see how you can have them working […]

Change your life

If you feel like giving up… you need to read this

Something I realised about myself lately is that I never give up. Like never. When I put my mind on something, or when I want to help someone, I will not give up until I get where I want to go. It hasn’t always served me. I’ve been told that I am stubborn, that I […]

Change your life

Do you feel like your life is falling apart?

  When I came to Bali a month ago, I was destroyed, emotionally. I had just left Ireland where I had spent the last 6 months trying to build a life there, while starting a relationship that happened to be pretty toxic.  The decision to leave was made within 4 days as he was ignoring […]

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