Change your life

Do you feel like your life is falling apart?

  When I came to Bali a month ago, I was destroyed, emotionally. I had just left Ireland where I had spent the last 6 months trying to build a life there, while starting a relationship that happened to be pretty toxic.  The decision to leave was made within 4 days as he was ignoring […]


How to change your reality by reprogramming your mind

Studies have shown that by the age of 35, 95% of our behaviours are habits we do without even really thinking about them. We’re hard wire to certain thoughts that lead to certain actions and reactions. If we don’t become aware of that, our future becomes very much predictable as it’s basically going to look […]

Change your life

You want to change your life? Here’s what you need to know

I have never believed in God, I’m actually an atheist. Religions to me are something I want to stay away from as I truly believe it creates most of our conflicts on this planet. Now the purpose of this post has nothing to do with religion. What I want to share with you today is […]

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