Change your life

Taking inspiring actions vs forcing it

If you’re familiar with the teachings of Abraham Hicks, you know what I mean by taking inspiring actions vs forcing or trying too hard. However, understanding it on an intellectual level and feeling it on a cellular level is totally different! We are hard-wired to believe we have to work hard I’ve been listening and […]


Learn to trust the process

Now that was something totally new to me when I first heard of it from Abraham Hicks. Coming from a family where it’s very traditional, get an education, get a job and so on, the unknown didn’t have its place in life. However, it has now become my go-to, especially when I start to feel […]


How a toxic relationship can teach you self-love

Yes, you read properly. What I should add to this is “once you’ve ended it”. However, if you find yourself still in it, this post may help you take the decision to leave. Not so long ago, I was in such a relationship. It lasted about 6 months. I literally left the country at some […]

Change your life

I used to hate myself

Until not so long ago that was a feeling I had on a regular basis. It actually started in my early twenties with anorexia. Today, this is not part of how I feel anymore. However, the sad truth is that so many people do feel that way… but for all their life. If you do […]

Online business

The 5 questions to ask yourself before starting an online business

I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. That was a no-brainer to me. It only took me 20 years to do it… and that’s ok. Today I live my dream. I build my life on my terms. This is priceless to me. On top of this, I get to help others do […]


How understanding the Law of Attraction helped me change my life

You know these people you see sometimes thinking they have it all figured out? It seems like they have everything they want. The great relationship, the money, the house, the health and on top of this, they seem to be truly happy… even worse… it’s like they work half the time you work. I bet […]


How to have your fears work for you instead of against you

One of the most difficult I had to deal with in order to become an entrepreneur was to be able to overcome my fears. This truly is the hardest part. Because depending on how you manage them, they will either work for you or against you. So let’s see how you can have them working […]

Change your life

If you feel like giving up… you need to read this

Something I realised about myself lately is that I never give up. Like never. When I put my mind on something, or when I want to help someone, I will not give up until I get where I want to go. It hasn’t always served me. I’ve been told that I am stubborn, that I […]

Change your life

Don’t wait until you feel ready, just start

If you’re like I used to be, you’re the type of person who really like to know everything. To have things planned, knowing exactly what the next steps are, and so on. The world we live in, especially when working in corporate tends to make us become that way. The problem, when you switch to […]

Change your life

I wanted to end my life… but this little voice told me to not give up

My childhood has been amazing. I mainly spent it between Africa and Middle East, changing country every 1–2–3- years. But when I got back from Africa and started this life in France when I was 15 years old, things started to change. And I believe I slowly slipped into this constant feeling of sadness. I […]

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